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Reality Bytes is a tech company focusing on business solutions for small to medium sized businesses in Western Canada.  

Reality Bytes was originally established in 1998 by owner John Shoff. The company started out as a small IT consultant firm and small retail store. Over the next 10 years of operations the company grew year over year, and more employees were brought on board to handle the growth and new business.


In 2007, Reality Bytes purchased a new commercial building exceeding 3000 sq ft, and gained the much needed space for expansion of offices, and also moved retail operations and the offices to this location.  Further renovations and office additions were made in 2013 to handle our growth and expansion.  Reality Bytes has seen growth every year since inception, and now has gross sales in the millions of dollars, CAD.

We KNOW our success lies in the fact that we specialize in finding ways of making our clients more streamlined, efficient, and focused using cutting edge technology.  We would not exist today without the partnerships with our valuable clients, and the trust that they put into our experience, products, and services.

In 2014, we founded a partnership to establish a new location near Vancouver, B.C.  This location is staffed with many of our technical team, and enabled our company the ability to truly offer 24 hour a day, 365 day a year live technical support both by telephone, as well as via remote access.  Our NOC or network operations center, was moved to this location which monitors all our client's servers and network infrastructure 24/7/365.


Managed Technology & Computer Services

Starting in early 2008 our team began to focus heavily on IT management for small to medium businesses, converting a large percentage of our already established long term customers over to this new & different model that we truly feel is the best solution for both our company, AND our clients needs.  The MSP model had become achievable due to major advancements in remote access technologies, and automation capabilities, which have allowed us to provide a much faster response time, and much more efficient operational model.

It was at this time that we started to expand out into Central Alberta and beyond, picking up new clients in Calgary, Airdrie, Strathmore, as well as sites under management across Canada and some into the United States.


The Team

Currently our staff consists of 30+ employees & contract staff.  Our team is VERY diverse.  We have web & graphic design artists, programmers, hardware techs, administrative staff, and IT management techs all at your disposal.

We provide "Technology based Solutions" to our clients.  Sometimes this means we are solely consulting, sometimes hardware or software is involved, sometimes a cloud solution, or perhaps all of the above.  We have very advanced software and hardware tools that allow us to manage and maintain a huge number of IT assets without sacrificing customer service or response times.  Our efficiency helps your companies' profitability.